WavelanApplet - last updated August 2002

Current version, 0.8 now available in foreigner-danish (english) and with transparency.

Yes, I am working on gnome2 support, and actually already have a working version. But, the transparency is hosed because gnome2 panel is hosed - so wait...

Here's a screenshot of the applet : , here's another : exciting isn't it ?

Oh, the transparency and aa text (signal strength display is optional) and .

What does it do ? It shows the signal strength in 6 steps - 1 for network device gone, 1 for no signal, 4 for some, ok, good, excellent signal. It has themes (evil), and can optionally pop up dialog boxes when the signal/device comes/goes. Optionally display signal strength in % and features hi-tech features such as transparency and AA text.

It actually now (0.8) uses the same theming system as power-applet, so it can show every percent, do animations for no/broken link and other such evilness.

Here's the download :